Thursday, 2 June 2011

my naughty little brother

well hello there,

today i want to share a story about my...

my naughty little brother is 11(2011)
his face is like a chinese boy,
his hair are smooth and short(black),
he is a short person,
his skin are pure white,
i think you all can imagine how my brother look like..

2009, Eid.

My little brother told my mother that he want to go to his friend house to celebrate Eid...
so mother agree.


about 11.30 pm,
my little brother still didnt came home..
my mother were worried, so all my brothers went to search him..
they search everywhere..
then my brother told  my mother to search him at a condominium just infront our place.

so, we search him at there...
then we heard my little brother voice at the swimming pool..
we quickly went there..
and guest what..
we found our little brother and his friend... naked! swimming in the swimming pool...

that night my mother really mad..and he was grounded until the school holiday end.

well to all people..if your little brother told that they want to go to his friend a little carefull.